Tipton project completed

start of the project (before)

This was a very wide and shallow stretch that provided no significant trout habitat. During hot sunny weather it became a large solar collector that warmed the water as it slowly passed. Our effort was to narrow and deepen this stretch  In all 7 large side log/stone structures were installed and more than 25 large boulders were placed in a flat, shallow unproductive 500 foot stretch of the Little Juniata River. The before (top) and after (bottom) are shown. In all more than 270 tons of stone and 24 10″ dia. logs, 25 ft long were used. With the help of Juniata College Environmental Department, we will continue to monitor this area to gather data on the expected positive impacts regarding water temperature and wild trout usage. 

Thanks goes out to PFBC for a professional job, the PA DEP for permits and cooperation and George Bonsell for access to the site. We could not work alongside the state workers (Governor’s orders), but a number of volunteers observed and finished the project by planting seed and spreading straw, including Scott Kavanagh, Bill King, Carl Reed, Bill Anderson, Joe Reese, Mike Moschgat, Jim Rhodes and Jerry Green (JKTU).

More Pictures can be found here https://www.littlejuniata.net/photos-from-the-project/

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