Bass Flies

Members can submit their patterns via email to: ljraweb [at] Please include photographs (<0.5MB) and information on hook, materials and notes on how to tie. Videos welcome too! The best way to contribute a video is to upload it to youtube or vimeo and email me a link to embed the video.

Bass flies  (will catch trout too!)

bass flies

With the temperatures the way they are, it’s appropriate that the fly of the month be something used to catch bass. I used these flies recently to catch a good number of bass on the upper Juanita. Its a cross between a Clouser and wollybugger. Like the Clouser, the eyes have it ride hook up, which reduces snags. I’ve tied them with and without rubber legs.

Hook – 3XL streamer hook. Sizes 10-4.  I fished 6s recently.
Thread –  6/0 to match body color.
Eyes – painted lead bar-bell eyes, tied 1/3 down from the hook eye. Sz 10-8 (small size) Sz 6-4 (medium sized)
Weight- (optional) lead substitute behind eyes, to cover 2/3 of the hookshank.
Body – Medium brown Chenille;  medium olive. I build up the body and wrap the chenille to obtain a tapered appearance, especially building up behind and in front of the eyes to form a “head”.
Tail -Maribou  medium brown with 6-7 strands copper flash; Olive with 6-7 strands pearl flash
Legs- silly legs brown; olive/black
Hackle- dark brown; olive dyed grizzly

I’ve tied some in white (white eyes) with no legs and black (red eyes) but haven’t tried them yet. I bet they will work