Bill’s Black Kat

Bill’s Black Kat

This terrestrial pattern imitates the black walnut caterpillar that is active in the late summer. Bill discovered that this very large caterpillar falls into the “j” from the tree canopy throughout the watershed and the “j” trout eat them…big time!

Information on the natural can be found here


Hook – #6, 3X Streamer

Thread – 3/0 Black UniThread, or other strong thread.

Body – XLG Rainey Foam Approx 3/16” dia

Hair – White Poly Pro (polypropylene yarn, see below) wing material. The original pattern was tied with angora rabbit, but poly floats better.

Notes: Build a full thread body to beginning of bend. Cut body to extend ¼” over bend and eye. Tie in foam and lash firmly to the hook. Then tie in hair on both sides. Wrap thread tightly on hook, lift foam, then spiral forward 3/16” and repeat five times. (see picture). Round head with scissors, then apply head cement liberally to “head”.



polypropylene yarn that can be bought from our local flyshops