Upcoming Events

LJRA Meetings: February 9th and March 16th. Meetings are held at 7PM at Marzoni’s  in Altoona. 

Annual LJRA Riverbank Cleanup: April 15th, starting at 9AM. Check the website and Facebook for more information closer to the date.

The LJRA Banquet is coming back! April 29th at the Rivers Edge Fishing Lodge, Spruce Creek PA (across from the USGS monitoring site)

Keystone Cold Water Conference

The Little Juniata River Association will be presenting at the Keystone Cold Water Conference on February 25-26th.” There will be a number of interesting presentations, including several regarding managing our streams for wild trout. We encourage everyone to attend. Visit the website link shown below for more info. Note: If you are a Little Juniata River Association life member, your registration for the 2 day conference ($100) will be paid for by the LJRA. 
Link to the KCWC website::   https://www.coldwaterconference.org/

Clean up of trash along the J


Bill and a couple of LJRA members, Jill and Jason Sutt, met a Penn dot crew cleaned up a load of trash left by squatters” near the banks of the river along rt 453 just east of Tyrone. They brought an awesome big front loader and 4 strong guys with shovels. Now the area is spotless!. Kudos to Penndot Maintenance and Jacob Decker for responding to our need!


Black Kats uncovered!

Those who read this forum are aware of my pattern that I call “Bill’s Black Kat” (see story of my discovery on the LJRA FORUM). Several years ago I discovered that this very large caterpillar falls into the “j” from the tree canopy throughout the watershed and the “j” trout eat them…big time! While I spent a fair amount of effort developing the pattern I also tried to determine just what the name of this 2″ long black cat. with white fuzz was, but I never succeeded. Even after contacting PSU entymologists, no ID. Now one of our members, Greg Shustrick, has solved the Black Kat Mystery. Greg sent me a link to a description with photos that exactly describes our “j” bug. It is a “Walnut Caterpiller”, here’s the link.


Hatch Charts September

September Hatches

Little White May Fly #28 – Anytime
White  Fly #16,14  – Early Mo.
Black  Winged Olive #24 – Anytime
Slate Drake #12 – Anytime
Winged Ant #8,20,22  (red and black) -Anytime
Tan Caddis #16, 18 – All month
Black  Kats #4,6  – All month (before  frost)
Chocolate Ants #22,24 Early Mo.

Hatch Charts July – August

July -August

Trico #22, 24 – A
Little White May  Fly #28 – Late mo.
Tiny Sulphur #18,20    –  Late Mo.
Black Winged Olive #24   – All Mo.
Slate Drake #12,10 – First week in July
Cream Caddis #16, 18 All Mo.
Tan Caddis #16,18 – All Mo.
Black Kats – #4,6 long shanked – Beginning mid- August Potomanthus #10,12 Mid to late Aug.

Hatch Charts June


Sulfur #16,18,20    – Early thru mid mo.
Yellow  Drake #10,12    – Late
Blue-Winged Olive  #14 –  Cornuta E
Blue-Winged Olive #16, 18,  20     – Anytime
Black winged Olive #24  – Anytime
Slate Drake #10  – Mid-month
Cream  Cahill #14, 16 – Early – Mid-month
Tan Caddis (olive body) #16, 18  – Anytime
Cream Caddis #16, 18 –  Anytime


Sulfur #14 – 2nd week thru Mo. end

Sulfur #16,18,20    – Beginning last week and into June.

Hendricksons  #12 and #14, Last week in April thru 1st week of May

Grey Fox/March Browns #10 & #12 – Mid Month to late

Cahills – #10 Butter Yellow late May