Great news on Access

Restoration of access at the Pemberton quarry!

After almost two years of hard work, we finally have an agreement in place with NES&L regarding the quarry access. It is retroactively effective to November 22nd. The property covered under the lease held by PFBC, includes the river bank and parking areas formerly used by the public. It also covers the Limestone Road access on Rt 453. In order to achieve this for our members and the fishing and boating public, LJRA is paying the 1st years lease of $5,000.  NES&L maintains that they need liability insurance to cover use by the public and that it will cost them $5,000. We are not prepared to pay this for future years. LJRA will spend the next 12 months seeking a long term solution which may include the use of grants, PFBC funds and/or donations. We are asking people to be patient since it will take a little time to get the postings down and new signs up denoting the locations of restored access. The ability to renew the lease is dependent on good angler behavior. 


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