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    It’s that time of year where extra caution should be taken when fishing. A temperature of >77 degrees was recorded on the upper J yesterday (6/28) and it has been around 75 routinely. This section of the J is upstream of the major springs, but this water flows and mixes with the spring water, increasing the temperature. Bring a thermometer and check every location you throw a line.
    Keep in mind that stressed fish recover for a couple of hours not minutes. Fishing in 69 degree water at 11AM means the fish will be experiencing 70+ degrees during the recovery period.Even wading and spooking fish in the middle of the day can chase them from a cooler refuge to warmer waters.
    In my experience quality fish shut down under these conditions and only the small (next population) take interest.

    If anyone has taken temps, please post here with the time of day

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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