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    Anyone have a current stream report they would like to share? Looking to fish the j this weekend and haven’t been able to fish it sense the sulpher hatch.

    Any info appreciated.
    hatches / hot patterns especially 😀


    Sorry, I just saw this. This time of year its caddis, Slates, trailing cahills (near dark), crane flies and cream midges (evening and early AM).

    These are my favorites this time of year
    Wet black ants- best producer of big fish this time of year
    iso-nymphs (a skinny price nymph does the trick)
    BH caddis larvae (sz 16)
    walts worm (10-12) tied with a black bead of a darker colored dubbed head -crane fly larvae
    brown zebra midges a
    zebra midges with a little antron at the tail and head- when the midges are hatching

    in the evenings – caddis, caddis, caddis, especially a soft hackle fished like a nymph in faster water


    Thanks for the report, I was able to fish both Saturday and Sunday during the midday.

    Fished caddis larva, wet ants, cress bugs (seen lots of them), and flashback PT’s.

    The flashbacks were my hot pattern, caught over a dozen on them throughout the weekend.

    Thanks again for the update

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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